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Just some Our Services that we provide here at Natures Elite Landscaping

Landscape Construction

Our Services Landscape Construction

Natures Elite Landscaping specializes in landscape construction and design to create beautiful outdoor environments. Our experience and expertise ensure the integrity of the design while providing the caliber of work our clients expect for all of their landscape construction projects.
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Paver Construction

Our Services Paver ConstructionNatures Elite Landscaping installs pavers in and around New Hampshire’s Lakes Region.Paver Construction is something we specialize in, we have a team of Certified Professionals to install your Project. Permeable paver driveways are being installed throughout the Lakes Region of New Hampshire to help control water runoff and pollution, these driveways act as a giant drainage system helping to control water runoff. Contact us today and let Natures Elite Landscaping beautify your property with a paver construction project.
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Paver Maintenance

Our Services Paver MaintenancePaver maintenance is something you should consider to protect your investment, cleaning and sealing with Techniseal products will ensure your pavers last for a long time. Permeable pavement needs to have the top stones cleaned out and refreshed every couple of years to keep small materials from clogging up these drainage systems. Regular maintenance, which would include using a power blower to remove all leaves and small debris, will ensure that your system will last for a long time.
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Property Maintenance

Our Services Property MaintenanceBeautiful lawns do not just happen by accident; they take a lot of work time and experience. Two of the most important parts of having a beautiful healthy lawn are Aeration and dethatching. Aeration and dethatching are two things that will help encourage new root growth and allow your lime and fertilizer to reach the root zone where it will do the most good for your lawn. Aeration relieves the compacted soil and allows the grass roots to spread, which will allow your lawn to thicken up, and dethatching removes all of the materials that are on top of your grass that won’t let the fertilizer and lime reach the root system. 
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Digital Imaging

Our Services Design ImagingDigital design imaging is a process where we come to your house and discuss what you would like to have your yard look like and then we take pictures and actually show you what your yard will look like with the new landscaping. Changes can be made as needed with very little effort, this gives you the opportunity to see these plants as big as you would like or as small as your budget allows.
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