Landscape Design and Construction

Landscape Design and Construction using Machines

Natures Elite Landscaping specializes in landscape construction and design. We use digital design imaging to create beautiful outdoor spaces and environments for our clients. Our experience and expertise ensure the integrity of your design while providing the caliber of work expected from our clients for all of their landscape construction projects.

Backyard and Garden Landscape Design

Your backyard is your oasis. Landscaping a back yard should take into consideration sunlight, space, water, and what your family likes to do while outside. Adding a vegetable or flower garden may be something you are looking to do.

Front of House Landscaping

The front of your house makes the first impression on your friends and neighbors. How you landscape the front of your home tells the world a lot about yourself: is your front yard saying what you would like it to say right now? In addition to considering beauty, New Hampshire winters and roof lines should be considered when landscaping the front of a house. In our state of New Hampshire, we have a different snow load with snow coming off the roof and landing in a nicely mulched bed. Certain types of plants will not survive snow falling from the roof. With 80 inches of snow a year in NH, a lot of wooded plants don’t do well against foundations. Perrenialls, hydrangeas and ornamental grasses do well in this type of environment.

Lakefront Home Landscape Design

When we consider landscaping design with lakefront homes, we should consider erosion control first. Plants such as low-bush blueberries, regular blueberries, river birch, summer sweet, and others are better for a lake front environment. Plantings in lakefront homes are also controlled by the DES.  You cannot plant just any plant you would like.  In fact, the NH DES controls the waterfront and provides us the list of Shoreland approved plants.  Even if you are replacing trees or shrubs, you must replace with only the plants they approve. How you are planting your new trees and plants determines if you need a permit to plant or not – for example, if you plant by hand, you can replace items but if you are using machinery, you must pull a permit to plant on the lake.  If you are installing a stone wall or patio or any time of alteration, you may need to pull a permit. The NH DES looks at the percentage of your property that is impermeable so that the water is controlled and not too much runs off into the lake, but instead goes into the ground. We can help you with the permitting process as we work with a company that does permitting.

Natural and Native Landscape Design

Natural and native landscape design is really important in New Hampshire.  Nature’s Elite works off of a list of native plans we use to design your landscape. These plants are better for the environment as they do such things as help with bees, butterflies and other insects. Visit the NH Natural Resource Conservation Service’s website for more information.

Landscaping a Slope

There are a lot of planting options to landscape or design a slope. The first consideration with a slope is that they can be difficult to maintain. Wildflower is a good choice for vegetation but you can also use low growing plants for embankments in order to keep your slope looking maintained and nice. Landscaping a slope can also help stabile the slope. The goal is to be low maintenance and look nice.

Small Space Landscaping

If you have a small space, perennials are a perfect choice. Beauty 3 seasons and then you don’t have to worry about winter maintenance. They are a terrific choice. Adding one or two high impact plants or trees that is highlighted with uplighting for shadowing effects at night, you can make a good impact.

Lawn Installation & Renovation

Installing a new lush green lawn will add value to your property and give it a stunning facelift. Our team at Natures Elite Landscaping has the experience to make sure your new lawn is installed correctly. Correct installation of your new lawn is essential in giving you a lawn that will look amazing for many years to come. If you look at our before and after gallery it showcases some beautiful lawn transformations for you to see.
Whether you are renovating your existing lawn or installing a completely new lawn. Using the professional team at Natures Elite Landscaping will insure that you end up with a polished  beautiful lawn landscape construction project.  We also have the skill and knowledge to seamlessly incorporate paver construction, outdoor living spaces, outdoor kitchens and outdoor water features along with the installation of your new lawn.  Effortlessly making not only your lawn but your entire outdoor living space a welcome and inviting place for your family and friends to enjoy New Hampshire’s beautiful Lakes Region.

Hydro Seeding Vs. Sod

Backyard Landscaping with Hydro Seeding Vs. Sod

Natures Elite Landscaping offers Hydro seeding or sodding, along with a wildflower mix that is available to help with field preservation.

For Lawn Landscape Construction; Hydro seeding is our recommended and preferred method of lawn installation here in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire. Not only is Hydro seeding cost effective, but it seems to produce a better lawn in the long run. Hydro seeding is great for large slopes, and helps prevent water runoff. Once established it will take less to maintain a hydro seeded lawn than it would a sod lawn due to the fact that sod lawns are pampered from the time they start until the time they are cut and delivered to the job site. To keep the lawn looking like it does when it arrives, you will need to maintain it the way it was at the sod farm, and this could be a costly venture for you. The Professionals at Natures Elite Landscaping recommendation is to Hydro seed your new lawn and then care for it the way you want on your budget!

Drainage Systems

Proper drainage is the heart and soul of a good landscape design project, without the proper types of drainage systems in place you are setting yourself up for all kinds of future problems. These problems can include, settling and water issues around your foundation, pooling and puddling water from downspouts leading to water leaks, and rotting and decaying woodwork from water splash back. Natures Elite Landscaping has the expertise to access these issues; then design and install the proper drainage systems for your property. Whether you have a new house or an existing property, the correct drainage system can be installed easily giving you peace of mind that your home with remain leak proof and in good condition.

Rain Gardens are another great choice for water drainage in the Lakes Region, the existing water can be diverted to a lower area that Natures Elite has dugout and then installed plants that thrive in damp conditions, these low areas allow the water to seep back into the soil and re-charge the aquifers.

Contact us today for a free consultation on your landscape construction project, lawn installation, or for proper drainage systems installation.

Landscape Design with Drainage Systems Grading

Example of Permeable Construction