Landscape Digital Design

3D and Autocad Landscape Design and Virtual Landscaping

When you are planting small shrubs and plants in your yard, do you wonder what your home will look like in the future? You can send us a photo or we can take a photo of the front or back of your home with no trees and shrubs, and show you what your home will look like in 1, 3, 5 and 10 years using 3D and Autocad Landscape Design. This allows you to visualize what your new landscaping will look like.

3D and Autocad Landscape Design is a process where Natures Elite Landscaping comes to your home for a consultation and works with you to create the yard, landscape, hardscape or outdoor living space you desire, giving you a visual firsthand look at what the final product will look like. After consulting with you; Natures Elite takes pictures and then uses 3D and Autocad Landscape Design to actually shows you what your yard or outdoor space will look like with the new landscaping in place. Changes can then be made as you want with very little effort, giving you the opportunity to see plants as big or small as you would like and your budget allows for. Take a look at some of the before and after pictures below, then call or email our office to set up your free consultation with a New Hampshire Certified Landscape Professional and Digital Design Imaging specialist today!

Realtime Landscaping and Design Services

The Digital Design Imaging system works great for people who have a hard time visualizing things. Also using 3D and autocad landscape design is much easier than looking at a set of expensive plans that have lots of big and little circles drawn all around your house. This way you get to see what the actual project will look like at completion, making changes is much easier using Digital Design Imaging as opposed to the expense and time in having to move or replace plants that you are not happy with or that will not look good in the long run.

Benefits of Computer Landscape Designs

With regards to complex landscape design projects, computer landscape design software can make a thought look like reality.

The major benefit of using digital designs to realize your design is to be able to see it on paper or a computer screen as opposed to imagining in your head what the yard will look like.  It is hard to imagine what the yard will look like next season, never mind in a few years!  Using great landscaping architects with great software, we are able to visualize your project before we begin to work on it. It can make a homeowner feel more at ease when making large semi-permanent changes to their front or backyard.  
Sometimes what we find is that the homeowner may have one idea in their mind and may have difficulty in expressing what they are looking for. By designing a realistic looking design of the finished product, we can verify that we are all on the same page and that the project will turn out to all of our satisfaction.
The software our experts use enables us to add and remove all types of plantings,
wall, patios, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, walkways, and more.  If you don’t care for a particular placement of a tree or shrub, we will have time to move it “virtually” before we have dug a hole.  Changes can be made to the overall plan early on before materials are purchased and labor is deployed. 
Using complex computer drawings in most cases saves time and money and is more accurate than hand-drawn plans.  Using real measurements in the software also helps to create a more accurate rendition of the project.  
An added benefit of using landscaping software also enables homeowners to submit a drawing to a board or association before the project begins if this is required.  

Results of Computer-Aided Landscape Drawings

Some of the items we get out of using computer drawings are:
  1. 2D plans  in color or black and white
  2. Overlay of actual photos of plants on the plans to create a more realistic look
  3. Full material takeoffs
  4. Close estimates of the project costs

Landscaping Digital Design Imaging Before & After: