4 Reasons to ask your paver patio installer for concrete pavers over natural stone

Choosing the right hardscape material for your outdoor project is difficult.  Paver patio installation and natural stone installation can both be beautiful and durable.  Here are 4 reasons to choose concrete pavers from a professional paver patio installer.  

Cost of Patio Pavers

Natural stone costs more.  The material cost for natural stone is usually higher than concrete pavers, but this is not always the case.  High-quality concrete pavers can rival the cost of natural stone. The lion’s share of the cost increase has to do with installation.  Because no two pieces of natural stone are the same, it takes more site preparation, time, and effort to install. Paver patio installation is the more economical option.  

Drainage of Concrete Pavers vs. Natural Stone 

The harsh climate of the NH Lakes Region and the fact that many properties are located on the water, make proper drainage a matter of major concern.  In certain areas, the choice of hardscape material is governed by New Hampshire law.  Areas along the shore have water quality protection standards, and special permit requirements exist near lakes.  Concrete pavers like those from Belgard and Techo-Bloc allow for a permeable installation on patios and driveways.  Proper drainage protects our waterways, avoids flooding, and improves safety for our family and guests in freezing conditions. 

Color Options of Pavers for Patios 

Natural stone can be beautiful in all of its forms and colors.  Many homeowners have a vision that demands a certain color. Paver patio installers have a lot of choices.  Most color choices are earthy tones that range from light tan to onyx black. Belgard and Techo-Bloc both offer a wide range of choices. Your paver patio installer can review the many options with you either at your location or at a dealer who sells pavers.

Strength of Patio Pavers 

Everyone has seen concrete patios and driveways crack over time.  This might lead one to the conclusion that concrete is not a strong material.  This is not the case with concrete pavers. High-quality pavers are made with high-pressure concrete in molds with exacting standards under controlled temperature and moisture conditions.  Concrete pavers are much stronger than any surface poured or extruded onsite. A good paver patio installer can review this with you and show you examples.

Our planning and paver patio installation process is collaborative and centered on bringing beauty and value to your vision.  We offer a free one-hour consultation. Contact us!