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Paver walkway cleaned and treated with techniseals Nulook


Paver maintenance is something you should consider to protect your investment. As beautiful and care-free as they are, pavers do need some maintenance.  Cleaning and sealing your pavers with Techniseal products will ensure your pavers last for a long time.

Permeable pavement needs to have the top stones cleaned out and refreshed every couple of years to keep small materials from clogging up these drainage systems. Regular maintenance, which would also include using a power blower to remove all leaves and small debris, ensures that your paver system will last.

To keep your pavers colors looking crisp and clean, Natures Elite landscaping can apply a sealer to your pavers. We even have a sealer that will give your pavers a damp look that brings out the deep darker colors and really highlights your landscapes. Techniseal products can also be used to tint the color of your old pavers, if you have older gray pavers our Techniseal product can tint them red giving your walkways or patios a whole new look.

Natures Elite Landscaping is one of the few authorized Certified Techniseal Applicators in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire, feel free to call or email for a no obligation onsite quote.

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