Digital Design Imaging

Digital Design Imaging is a process where we come to your house and discuss what you would like to have your yard look like, then we take pictures and actually show you what your yard will look like with the new landscaping. Changes can be made as needed with very little effort, this gives you the opportunity to see these plants as big as you would like or as small as your budget allows. Take a look at some of the before and after pictures below, and call our office to set up your free consultation with a New Hampshire Certified Landscape Professional and Digital Design Imaging specialist today! This is a great system for people who have a hard time visualizing things. Also much easier than looking at a set of expensive plans that have lots of big and little circles drawn all around your house. This way you get to see what the actual project will look like when it’s completed, if you want to make changes it is much easier doing them with Digital Design Imaging than having to move or replace plants that you are not going to be happy with or that will not look good in the long run.

Digital Design Imaging Before & After: